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BOINCstats is all about statistics for BOINC. All stats are freely available. You can use these statistics without creating an account. Just enter your name in the search box and enjoy!

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BAM! helps you manage your BOINC life. It helps you joining projects, managing your computers, joining teams and much more. In short: it makes your life easier and more fun!

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Join BOINC and use the idle time on your computer to cure diseases, study global warming, discover pulsars, and do many other types of scientific research. It's safe, secure, and easy.

User of the day


Age 45, Disabled do to a accident at work. Addicted to collection old fishing tackle. Web page is www.reelman.net

Team of the day


Member of the BOINC@jamaica Team. Join us at http://www.boinc.org.jm Join the BOINC@jamaica Team: http://www.boinc.org.jm Visit the BOINC@jamaica Team forum: http://www.boinc.org.jm/forums

Team challenges

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Against Corona!
2020-04-04 12:00 ~ 2020-04-11 12:00
ZX Spectrum day!
2020-04-21 14:00 ~ 2020-04-28 14:00

Project challenges

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Sophie Germain's Birthday Challenge
2020-04-01 12:00 ~ 2020-04-04 12:00
Top Gun Maverick Challenge
2020-06-23 22:00 ~ 2020-06-26 22:00
Summer Olympics Challenge
2020-07-24 20:00 ~ 2020-07-31 20:00
International Bacon Day Challenge
2020-09-03 00:00 ~ 2020-09-06 00:00
2020 World Expo Challenge
2020-10-20 06:00 ~ 2020-10-25 06:00